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Long Sweep Manifold Fittings

Marcore carry a large range of long sweep manifold fittings and 4130 fittings in stock.

A selection of long sweep manifold fitting including elbows, tees and crosses

Long Sweep Manifold Fittings

Marcore carry a large range of long sweep manifold fittings and 4130 fittings in stock.

Our Long Sweep manifold fittings are forged from the highest quality fine grain AISI 4130 material. The refined fine grain structure manufacturing process enhances toughness at all levels and provides vastly superior thro-thickness mechanical properties and strength both in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

4130 Fittings

Marcore 4130 fittings are fully-forged for high load and cyclic capability. We manufacture to the highest industry standards & tolerances. Our long sweep and 3D double back elbows and bends are dual fully certified in strict accordance with the latest offshore drilling and piping specifications. Marcore long sweep manifold fittings are manufactured in the UK from the highest quality, UK or European sourced materials, and are available with design and type approval. We carry a large stock of 4130 manifold fittings, which are available for immediate delivery. Download our Technical Data Book and Stock List or contact us for more information and we will be please to supply certifications alongside a quotation.

  • Heavy wall butt weld fittings:
    • Long Sweep Bends
    • Long Sweep Elbows
    • Full Flow Tees
    • Long Sweep Tees
    • Long Sweep Crosses
    • Goosenecks
  • High pressure flanges to both API and ANSI standards
  • 4130 Seamless pipe to suit high pressure applications
Long Sweep Elbows (90)

A 2D design of an API 90 long sweep elbow API and ANSI Long Sweep Elbows manufactured in the UK. Marcore offer a full range of long sweep elbows from 2″ to 6″, available with standard pressure ratings of 5,000 psi and 10,000 psi. A typical specification for our long sweep elbows is as follows:

  • Service Class: Standard or Sour Service
  • Material: AISI 4130
  • Weld Ends: ANSI B16.25
  • BW Tolerance: ANSI B16.9
  • C.W.P. : 7,500 or 10,000 PSI
  • Test Pressure: 11,250 or 15,000 PSI
  • Material Yield Strength: 85,000 PSI or more
  • Material Tensile Strength: 105,000 PSI or more
NB: Long Sweep Elbows (90)ABCDEWEIGHT (KG)
2" XXS881.52.3753.514
3" XXS882.33.54.522
4" XXS11113.154.55.542
5" XXS12124.065.566.6357
6" XXS15154.96.625894
5.5" OD x 3.0" ID12123.065.56.6362
6.75" OD x 5.0" ID151556.75894
Long Sweep Elbows (45)

A 2D design of an API 45 long sweep elbow 45 Degree Long Sweep Elbows in AISI 4130. Marcore 45 Deg Long Radius Elbows are manufactured in the UK from European Materials.

We hold a large selection of AISI 4130 45 Degree Long Sweep Elbows & Alloy Steel AISI 4130 fittings in stock to meet any project requirements. We are a trusted supplier to the oil and gas industry, providing international delivery with fast turn-around times.

NB: Long Sweep Elbows (45)ABCDEWEIGHT (KG)
2" XXS861.52.3753.59
3" XXS862.33.54.515
4" XXS118.
5" XXS11.
6" XXS13.69124.96.625872
5.5" OD x 3.0" ID11.
6.75" OD x 5.0" ID13.691256.75872
Long Sweep Tees

A 2d design of an AISI 4130 long sweep tee Marcore manufacture AISI 4130 Long Sweep Tees, Straight Tees, Long Sweep Full Flow Tees and Long Sweep Tees with Integral Bull Plugs for high pressure applications like sour services, offshore drilling, choke and kill manifold packages and drilling rig projects.

AISI 4130 Long Sweep Tee features:

  • Elimination of post-weld heat treatment requirements that can restrict the material’s potential strength
  • Uninterrupted bores to minimise pressure reduction and turbulence
  • Full material tractability
  • AISI 4130 tees are pressure tested and certified by the appropriate industry body as standard
NB: Long Sweep TeeABCDEF
2" XXS13881.52.374.5
3" XXS13882.33.54.5
4" XXS1611113.154.55.56
5" XXS1912124.065.566.63
6" XXS2715154.96.637.75
5.5" OD x 3.0" ID1912123.065.56.63
6.75 OD x 5.00" ID27151556.757.75
Long Sweep Full Flow Cross

A 2d design of a AISI 4130 Long Sweep Full Flow Cross Marcore AISI 4130 Crosses are available in a full ranges of sizes and with standard pressure ratings of 5,000 psi and 10,000 psi. All Marcore long sweep manifold fittings, including crosses, are manufactured in the UK to stringent quality standards.

NB: Long Sweep Full Flow CrossABCDEF
2" XXS16881.52.374.5
3" XXS16882.33.54.5
4" XXS2211113.154.55.56
5" XXS2412124.065.566.63
6" XXS3015154.96.637.75
5.5" OD x 3.0" ID2412123.065.56.63
6.75 OD x 5.00" ID30151556.757.75
A view inside the Marcore production facility with oil and gas fittings production and CNC machining

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